The Next Generation Colposcope with an Advanced Cervical Scan

DYSISmap is an adjunctive technology to assist colposcopy

The DYSIS Colposcope is a high resolution digital colposcope with an adjunctive map. The DYSISmap is generated by a proprietary technology that measures the aceto-whitening reaction and summarises it in the form of an intuitive map. The DYSISmap is overlaid on the live image of the cervix to help with the identification of the most relevant biopsy sites.

Cervical Screening Wales Service Evaluation of DYSIS Colposcopy

CSW Service Evaluation –  Press release


An article presenting the results of a service evaluation of colposcopy with Dynamic Spectral Imaging (DYSIS/ DSI) performed in Wales, UK has been published in Gynaecologic and Obstetric Investigation.


The study was conducted at 5 colposcopy clinics across Wales. This multi–centre evaluation assessed the performance of colposcopy with the DYSISmap in routine clinical practice, on a total of 425 patients, including 236 that had been referred with a low-grade cytological result. Colposcopy with DYSIS resulted in a higher sensitivity to detect CIN2+ and a higher negative predictive value.


For all referrals, the sensitivity of conventional colposcopy for histologically confirmed CIN2+ was 51.5% and the negative predictive value (NPV) was 90.4%. With the incorporation of the DYSISmap, these became 84.8% and 95.3% respectively. The increase of sensitivity was statistically significant (p<0.001). Specifically, for the 236 women having colposcopy after low-grade cytology, with the incorporation of DSI, the sensitivity for CIN2+ increased from 27.3% to 86.4% (p<0.001) and the NPV from 92.6% to 97.8%.


Mr. Simon Leeson, Consultant Gynaecologist and Oncologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer commented, ‘DYSIS offers improved diagnostic performance especially for low-grade cytological referrals to colposcopy. The improved sensitivity for CIN2+ and for a normal examination the negative predictive value are particularly valuable. These findings are likely to be also relevant for the planned programme changes for HPV-based screening later this year in Wales.’


‘These results showcase as “real world” translational evidence, the effect introduced by the standardised quantified mapping of the cervix by dynamic spectral imaging, in a typical NHS colposcopy setting.  It provides added reassurance to other NHS Hospitals who are in the process of integrating DYSIS technology into their colposcopy service.’ said Amanda Durman, UK Sales and Marketing Director at DYSIS Medical Ltd.


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