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Optimize your use of DYSIS® Colposcopy and advance your colposcopy skills with online training created in conjunction with expert healthcare professionals.

Getting Started with DYSIS Colposcopes

Become familiar with using DYSIS colposcopes through a demonstration video that details use from set up to shut down.

DYSIS View Setup and Training Video

DYSIS View Training Video


DYSIS Ultra Training Video for Providers

DYSIS Ultra Colposcope Training Video


DYSIS Ultra Setup and Training for UK Clinicians

DYSIS Ultra Setup and Training Video UK

DYSIS Ultra Setup Video for Medical Assistants

DYSIS Ultra Colposcope Setup Video

Visit our online skills development and assessment application that is based on DYSIS cervical imaging technology. It complements colposcopy training courses and has been created for healthcare professionals of different levels who want to develop or practice their skills in performing colposcopy.

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