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DYSIS Colposcopy

Reassuring Innovation

Attending a Colposcopy appointment can be an anxious time, but rest assured that if your clinician is using DYSIS then you can relax. DYSIS includes a new technology called Dynamic Spectral Imaging that takes accurate measurements through the course of the examination. The results are summarised in the form of map - the DYSISmap - which you can ask to see. Your clinician will discuss the results with you and determine the best next steps.

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1 What is colposcopy? 2 What's special about a DYSIS™ colposcopy? 3 What is the DYSISmap? 4 How does the DYSISmap help? 5 Why should you feel reassured?
What is colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a simple examination that allows the clinician to see the area and type of abnormality on your cervix. The clinician will use a colposcope, which is a special microscope. The clinician will apply a liquid to your cervix to help identify any areas of abnormal cells. The abnormal cells appear white.

What's special about a DYSIS™ colposcopy? The DYSIS “advanced cervical scan” measures the results of a standard test which is performed during colposcopy and displays the results in the form of the DYSISmap.
What is the DYSISmap? The DYSISmap is a unique, advanced scan of the cervix showing areas that appear white. The map is colour coded to help your clinician accurately identify abnormal cells on your cervix.
How does the DYSISmap help? The DYSISmap highlights the areas of the cervix that have the most extreme whitening. This helps your clinician select the most appropriate area(s) on your cervix to biopsy
You should feel reassured with a DYSIS™ Colposcopy because...
Because your clinician can then make a more informed decision at your first examination
Clinically proven and recommended The DYSIS System, with its advanced cervical scan, is in use around the world and is CE-marked, FDA-cleared, ISO-compliant and is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) in the United Kingdom.
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