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At the end of a DYSIS colposcopic examination, the DYSISmap is displayed. It provides a detailed and color-coded summary of the acetowhitening effect of the patient’s cervix. Colors are allocated on the map depending on the acetowhitening changes measured by DYSIS during the examination.

Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping

DYSISmap is designed to help healthcare professionals improve biopsy selection, documentation, patient experience and residency education.

Conventional colposcopy is subjective. Solving this problem required much more than an incremental change. It required a radical breakthrough in understanding the bio-chemical interactions on the cervix combined with a highly innovative approach.

DYSIS quantifies acetowhitening and measures the speed, intensity and duration. Then, it calculates dynamic curves and assigns distinct colors, which assists the clinician in identifying potential areas of concern for further evaluation.

DYSISmap Benefits

Quantified, objective summary of acetowhitening

Map analysis tools to assist with interpretation

Biopsy markers for guidance

Proprietary Software

DYSISmap is an integral part of DYSIS Colposcopes.

Each DYSIS colposcope is equipped with a computer that runs our proprietary software, which includes dynamic spectral imaging technology known as DYSISmap.


DYSIS Colposcopes also include DYSIS SMARTtrack™, software that allows healthcare professionals to compare a patient’s DYSIS colposcopy exams. This helps healthcare professionals track cervical lesions over time and facilitates conservative management.