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DYSIS Medical is a forward-looking medical technology company that combines innovative computer-aided cervical mapping technology with advanced colposcope design to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions efficiently and direct the patient journey with greater assurance.

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DYSIS Medical has developed a proprietary technology that has the potential to address a number of diseases that affect millions of people worldwide and cost billions of dollars to healthcare systems.

DYSIS Medical was founded in 2002 by Prof. Costas Balas who performed the early research on Imaging of Cervical Neoplasia Using Acetic Acid as a biomarker and invented the DYSIS technology. The DYSIS Medical Research and Development team then developed the dynamic spectral imaging platform technology to assist the in-vivo diagnosis of epithelial pre-cancerous lesions. DYSIS implements this concept to enhance colposcopic performance.

DYSIS Medical manufactures and markets DYSIS Colposcopes, which are CE Marked and FDA-Cleared.

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