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DYSIS® Ultra is a comprehensive colposcope with care coordination features and innovative computer-aided cervical mapping that generates the data to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions efficiently and direct the patient journey.

Advanced Colposcope with Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping

Each DYSIS Ultra colposcope includes DYSIS proprietary software that objectively quantifies acetowhitening to generate the DYSISmap. Only DYSIS generates the data to help further the expertise of healthcare professionals to detect cervical lesions efficiently and direct the patient journey with greater assurance.

Furthering Your Expertise During Colposcopy Exams

DYSIS Ultra integrates easily into your practice’s workflow. With features like high resolution images and video, exam playback and proprietary computer-aided cervical mapping technology designed to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions efficiently.

In addition, DYSIS Ultra includes:

  • 15″ Touchscreen monitor
  • Acetic acid application
  • All-in-one ergonomic design
  • Camera for high resolution exam videos and images
  • Green and high contrast image filters
  • Live view magnification
  • Digital biopsy markers
  • Image capture
  • Video record biopsy or treatment procedures
  • Instant replay of colposcopy exams
  • SMARTtrackTM to compare a patient’s colposcopy exams
  • Patient database for record storage
  • EMR integration capable

Increase detection of CIN2+ when map-assisted biopsies are added3


Direct your patients for biopsy, treatment or conservative management.

Advancing Colposcopy

Colposcopy hasn’t changed in decades, but screening sensitivity has increased and lesions are becoming smaller and harder to detect.

Traditional colposcopy is subjective and variable, which can lead to missed disease. With advanced DYSIS colposcopy exams, acetowhitening is objectively quantified, which can help reduce the risk of missing high-grade disease.4

3. DeNardis et al. Int J Womens Health. 2017; 9: 717–725
4. Louwers J, et al, BJOG 2011 Feb; 118(3):309-18

Discover Colposcopy Innovation

Watch a demonstration of a colposcopy exam using DYSIS Ultra.

For additional information on use of the DYSIS Colposcopes including applicable regulations, please refer to the DYSIS Digital Colposcope Instructions for Use (IFU) on our Documents page.


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