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Colposcopy Resources

Access a variety of resources about DYSIS colposcopy including white papers, case studies and on-demand webinars.

On-Demand Webinars

Today, cervical lesions are likely to be smaller and harder to identify than before. How has your practice adapted?

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from Dr. Jeff Livingston of MacArthur Medical Center (Irving, Texas) sharing why he chose to incorporate DYSIS Smart Colposcopy in his practice and also:

  • Why DYSIS colposcopy is important for practice standardization
  • DYSIS colposcopy versus traditional colposcopy
  • Overview of clinical cases demonstrating increased detection when using the DYSISmap
  • Benefits of using DYSIS colposcopy for patients and for the practice
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Looking for a quick, easy and FREE way to practice your colposcopy skills online?

In this on-demand webinar, hear from Nancy R. Berman, Nurse Practitioner and Colposcopy Trainer discuss:

  • Challenges with colposcopy today
  • Why colposcopy training is critical
  • Overview of
  • Presentation of colposcopy cases
Can the patient experience during colposcopy be improved? Absolutely!

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from Dr. Amy Moon of New Moon Center for Women’s Health (Carmel, Indiana) as she covers the following:

  • Challenges with colposcopy today
  • Why DYSIS colposcopy
  • Patient case studies
  • Patient experience with DYSIS
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White Papers

Does colposcopy need change? We think so.

In this white paper “Visual Colposcopy is Fraught With Errors: An Evidence Review,” find out about standard colposcopy, its limitations and its role in the current cervical screening environment. Author Manolis Papagiannakis, Ph.D. presents results from large clinical studies that assessed the performance of colposcopy and quantified the correlations between impression, biopsy performance and excisional treatment outcomes.

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How familiar are you with the changes in cervical screening?

In this white paper “Cervical Cancer Prevention: The Case For Clinician Education in Screening, Colposcopy and Risk-Based Management,” author Nancy R. Berman, MSN, ANP-BC, NCMP, FAANP reviews changes in current screening and risk-based management as well as colposcopy standards, challenges in colposcopy and recommendations for clinician education.


Case Studies

Is it possible for some women to fall through the safety nets of cervical screening?

Access this case report by Dr. Jeff Livingston where he reviews the details of a case from the IMPROVE-COLPO Study where in a traditional colposcopic assessment there were no lesions suspected and biopsy was not warranted, but a look at the DYSISmap prompted a biopsy, which led to an unexpected outcome.

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Using DYSIS Colposcopy with Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping can help healthcare professionals better direct the patient journey.

Access this case study by Dr. Elizabeth Nye of Women’s Health in Chicago where she explains how performing colposcopy on a healing epithelium is challenging as cervical morphology differs. She also explains the details of a case where carcinoma in situ was discovered and how DYSIS Colposcopy with Computer-Aided Cervical mapping helped to standardize and improve diagnostic and management decisions.

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