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DYSIS Medical is a forward-looking medical technology company that combines innovative computer-aided cervical mapping with an advanced colposcope design to help healthcare professionals increase detection of cervical lesions to help direct the patient journey with greater assurance.


DYSIS generates data that can help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions more clearly. DYSIS proprietary software quantifies the acetowhitening reaction and summarizes it in the form of an intuitive map called DYSISmap™. This innovative technology makes DYSIS Ultra and DYSIS View advanced colposcopes.

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DYSIS Ultra is a comprehensive colposcope with our innovative computer-aided cervical mapping and care coordination features.

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DYSIS View is an out-of-the-box ready compact and portable colposcope with our innovative computer-aided cervical mapping.

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Each DYSIS Colposcope is equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that takes an image every seven seconds during a colposcopy exam

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Discover Colposcopy Innovation

Watch how DYSIS Colposcope operates with various patient situations. The videos were produced with the permission of the patients involved.


Guided Biopsy with DYSISmap marker

A close up video of a DYSIS guided biopsy