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Detect cervical lesions efficiently. Direct the patient journey.

DYSIS® is an advanced colposcope with innovative computer-aided cervical mapping designed to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions efficiently and confidently direct their patients for screening, treatment, or conservative management using DYSIS SMARTtrack™.

Generate the data. Further your expertise.

DYSISmap™ is a proprietary technology that quantifies acetowhitening and summarizes it in the form of an intuitive color-coded map. The map is then overlaid on the live image of the cervix to help with targeting biopsy sites.

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    Today’s screening methods have an increased sensitivity, so lesions may now be smaller and harder to detect than earlier.  DYSIS generates the data to help healthcare professionals with targeting biopsies. Clinical studies have shown that using DYSIS with the DYSISmap™ helps healthcare professionals increase detection of patients with high-grade lesions.1

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    With enhanced documentation including, high-resolution images and video and instant exam playback, DYSIS generates the data to help healthcare professionals to direct the patient journey.

Clinician tested, patient approved

With 9 clinical studies (including over 5,500 colposcopy exams), data shows that using DYSIS Colposcopy with the DYSISmap helps increase detection of patients with high-grade lesions. In addition, 4 out of 5 patients surveyed prefer DYSIS Colposcopy over a standard colposcopy exam.

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