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Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping

Helping healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions more clearly*

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What is Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping?

Computer-aided cervical mapping is an innovative technology that creates the data to help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions more clearly. Using a DYSIS Colposcope, healthcare professionals perform a standard colposcopic examination while the DYSIS proprietary software quantifies acetowhitening changes objectively, to then display the color-coded DYSISmap™.


*DeNardis et al. Int J Womens Health. 2017; 9: 717–725.

DYSIS Medical is a forward-looking medical technology company

DYSIS Medical combines innovative computer-aided cervical mapping with an advanced colposcope design. Learn more about us.

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Discover how DYSIS Colposcopy forward-looking technology helps healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions to direct the patient journey with greater assurance.



Learn more about cervical screening and discover how DYSIS Colposcopy advanced technology helps your healthcare professional direct your cervical health journey.


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DYSIS Awarded 2021 Top MedTech Solution Provider

Posted: December 23, 2021

We're honored that our new DYSIS View colposcope has been recognized this year with a distinguished award. 2021 MEDTECH TOP SOLUTION PROVIDER MedTech Outlook is a platform that provides a bridge between medical technology providers and healthcare facilities in an effort to stay current and provide relevant information about medical technology innovations and solutions. This year, they selected DYSIS Medical…

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DYSIS Announces New Out of the Box Ready, Compact and Portable Colposcope Design with Computer-Aided Cervical Mapping

Posted: June 30, 2021

DYSIS View is the newest colposcope that includes the DYSISmap™ and generates the data that can help healthcare professionals detect cervical lesions more clearly. July 15, 2021 — ATLANTA, Georgia — DYSIS Medical Inc. is excited to announce the launch of DYSIS® View, an out of the box ready, compact and portable colposcope, which includes the company’s innovative computer-aided cervical…

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DYSIS Announces Medicare Reimbursement Rates

Posted: December 3, 2020

DYSIS Announces Medicare Reimbursement Rates for the new Add-On CPT Code 57465, which can be used for DYSIS Smart Colposcopy, Effective January 2021 DYSIS Smart Colposcopy is computer-aided cervical imaging that adds the DYSISmap to a standard colposcopic assessment with clinical studies showing that it helps clinicians increase detection of high-grade cervical lesions. December 3, 2020 — ALPHARETTA, Georgia —…

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