DYSIS Medical announces colposcopy training product – DYSIS Medical

DYSIS Medical announces colposcopy training product

DYSIS Medical announces colposcopy training product

DYSIS Medical Launches First-in-class

Colposcopy Education Program


Edinburgh, Scotland – March 7, 2017 – DYSIS Medical, Ltd. announced today that it launched the first comprehensive dynamic computer simulation and web-aided colposcopy education program for teaching hospitals.

“Most experts agree that teaching colposcopy is very difficult due to the variability and subjectivity of examinations,” explains Dr. Manolis Papagiannakis, DYSIS Clinical Manager.

“Teaching colposcopy to date has not been optimized. First, students learn pattern recognition by reviewing static images in the classroom.  Second, they view patients through binoculars after examinations are completed by other colposcopists. And finally, they practice colposcopy on patients, including viewing the acetowhitening response with oversight by a proctor.”

It has never been possible to review or conduct entire examinations dynamically without performing colposcopy on a patient.  The DYSIS Residency Education Program delivers three components to improve learning by dynamically presenting cases to better prepare students and residents for their clinical colposcopy rotation:

  • Cervical examination simulator – The first real-world colposcopy simulator includes a cervical model with live patient cases to allow trainees to practice setting up for a colposcopy, visualize different case scenarios and identify and take biopsies.
  • colposcopyskills.com – The first dynamic on-line training environment that accurately simulates 50+ real colposcopy cases. Trainees complete assessments, take virtual biopsies and have their decisions compared with experts and actual case outcomes.
  • DYSIS Viewer – This desktop-based software connects to the DYSIS Colposcope and allows remote viewing of patient files, allowing trainees to jointly review real colposcopy cases, replay entire exams, watch biopsies and discuss unusual findings.

DYSIS Medical’s CEO, Alastair Atkinson commented, “Learning colposcopy is challenging and many residents complete fewer than 50 cases during their entire residency.  While viewing static images can provide pattern recognition, DYSIS is the first education program that captures the acetowhitening effect in the exam dynamically.  This provides an entirely new dimension to residency colposcopy education and has the potential to transform the learning experience.”


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