Maggie Philbin to Chair DYSIS Symposium – DYSIS Medical

Maggie Philbin to Chair DYSIS Symposium

Maggie Philbin to Chair DYSIS Symposium

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Maggie Philbin to Chair DYSIS Symposium


DYSIS Medical will attend the Preventive Health Conference in London on September 20th, 2012 and will host a symposium chaired by Maggie Philbin.

Edinburgh – 3rd September 2012 – DYSIS Medical Ltd, the medical devices company in female health, today announced that ex-Tomorrow’s World reporter Maggie Philbin will chair a symposium at the forthcoming Preventive Health conference.

DYSIS colposcopy uses spectral imaging to help clinicians highlight any areas of concern by mapping out the condition of a woman’s cervix.  In clinical trials, it has been shown to significantly boost sensitivity in detecting cervical cancer in its earliest stages.  Armed with this additional information, clinicians are able to take immediate steps to treat patients and prevent disease progression. The Preventive Health conference is focussed on steps can be taken to significantly reduce life-threatening diseases such as cervical cancer.

The symposium will consist of presentations by eminent European Gynaecologists who are using DYSIS as a routine part of their practice and details of the clinical trials results that have been published over the last three years.

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DYSIS Medical Ltd

DYSIS Medical Ltd has its global headquarters in Edinburgh. The company is committed to saving lives through the early detection and diagnosis of disease using biophotonic innovations. It aims to be the global leader in automated optical molecular imaging technologies for medical diagnostic and screening applications. For more information, please visit:

The DYSIS cervical cancer screening product employs advanced photonics and computer assistance to quantify and map the aceto-whitening process – providing clinicians with reliable information to assist in the identification of pre-cancerous lesions. The product is sold in Europe and the US.