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Soutter et al, CCR, 2009

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Soutter et al, CCR, 2009


Dynamic Spectral Imaging: Improving Colposcopy

Soutter et al, Clinical Cancer Research 2009

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To compare the objective and quantified approach of Dynamic Spectral Imaging (DSI) to identify high grade cervical lesions with that of traditional colposcopy and to understand the role of DSI in cervical cancer screening.


A pre-commercial version of DYSIS (using Dynamic Spectral Imaging) was compared with traditional colposcopy in an international multi-centre clinical trial. Biopsies were taken from all sites indicated by the DYSISmap and from standard colposcopic impression. Histological analysis was completed on all biopsies.


308 women were recruited to the trial. DYSIS detected an additional 62.9% more women (over tradiational colposcopy) with high grade disease requiring treatment.


The trial demonstrated superior performance from DYSIS over traditional colposcopy and can provide increased guidance for the selection of biopsy sites. The quantification of results reduces depencency on colposcopy personnel and offers opportunity for it to be used by nursing staff.