Focal Point CIN3 – DYSIS Medical

Focal Point CIN3

The patient was treated for a CIN3 lesion that was detected by taking a biopsy from the hot-spot on the DYSISmap.

Focal Point CIN3

Patient Background:

30 yrs, non-smoker

Referred to colposcopy after a moderate dyskaryosis smear (HG)

Colposcopic impression was Low-Grade

DYSISmap highlights focal suspicious area

Colposcopically directed biopsy (#1): Normal

DYSISmap directed biopsy (#2): CIN3

HPV typing result (sampled at colposcopy) HPV16

Conization result: CIN3

With reference to the DYSISmap image – the first biopsy point selected (purple circle) was selected by the colposcopist before seeing the DYSISmap. This biopsy returned a Normal histology result. The second biopsy point (yellow circle) was selected after the DYSISmap was viewed and returned a CIN3 result.

Acetowhitening effect

Acetowhitening effect