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Cervical Health Awareness Month — How Gynecologists Can Use Technology to Enhance Cervical Screening

During Cervical Health Awareness Month, it’s important to not only spread awareness about cervical cancer prevention, but it’s also important for clinicians to reflect on the cervical screening process. In particular, DYSIS computer-aided colposcopy has many benefits that can help clinicians engage their patients, interpret acetowhitening, and improve exam documentation. Let’s take a look at why clinicians should consider incorporating DYSIS into their practice.


What is DYSIS?

DYSIS stands for “Dynamic Spectral Imaging System” and is an advanced digital colposcope with innovative cervical mapping capabilities that improve traditional colposcopy exams by quantifying acetowhitening to help clinicians in their interpretation and to identify areas to biopsy for finding cervical disease. In addition, by capturing images and video of the colposcopy exam, DYSIS improves exam documentation while also allowing clinicians to monitor a patient’s cervical changes over time.


Computer-Aided Colposcopy is Efficient

There are several advantages that make computer-aided colposcopy more efficient than traditional colposcopy. For example, DYSIS automatically assesses acetowhitening of the cervix during the colposcopy exam and quantifies the strength of the acetowhitening by displaying a color-coded map, meaning that clinicians now have a built-in second opinion. Additionally, green and high-contrast filters, plus magnification, offer an unparalleled level of detail when examining cervical health. This allows clinicians to make better informed decisions about which areas need biopsies and if treatment may be necessary. Finally, because DYSIS captures images and video during the examination, clinicians can retain much more detailed records than traditional colposcopy — which can be especially helpful in tracking a patient’s cervical health over time.


Change is Hard, But Not Impossible

At first, clinicians may feel overwhelmed by the idea of switching to new technology for colposcopy exams. But it’s important to remember that DYSIS streamlines colposcopy exams compared to a traditional colposcope — such as providing better documentation, detailed images of the cervix and also a cervical map, which helps clinicians to make better informed decisions about areas that potentially may need a biopsy. Although any change can be daunting, clinicians should not let the fear of transitioning to a new system stop them from providing their patients with the best care possible.


DYSIS Does More Than a Traditional Colposcope

By utilizing DYSIS computer-aided colposcopy, clinicians can improve the accuracy and reliability of their colposcopy exams, eliminating the need for relying solely on a visual assessment, which can lead to underestimating or missing disease.[1],[2] Unlike traditional colposcopy, DYSIS automatically quantifies acetowhitening and provides a color-coded map of the cervix to help clinicians accurately identify areas to biopsy. Furthermore, this innovative technology allows clinicians to quickly and easily document colposcopy exams by providing them with high quality images and videos they can use to monitor changes over time. By incorporating computer-aided colposcopy into their practice, clinicians can provide better care for their patients by having data at their fingertips that helps in making informed decisions. DYSIS is a powerful tool that gives clinicians more detailed information than ever before. Plus, it offers unparalleled insight into how cervical health has changed over time — allowing clinicians to provide targeted treatment plans rather than relying on guesswork. Ultimately, switching to computer-aided colposcopy will give clinicians more confidence in their colposcopy exams and provide patients with the highest quality of care possible.


Enhance Patient Care in Your Practice

In short, as you think about Cervical Health Awareness Month and how we can continue to advance cervical screening, DYSIS computer-aided colposcopy offers many benefits that make it worth considering as part of any gynecology practice. From improved assessment accuracy to better patient engagement and exam documentation, incorporating DYSIS into your practice ensures your patients receive the best care possible when it comes to monitoring their cervical health. If you’re looking for ways to streamline workflows in your practice or enhance patient care opportunities in 2023, then DYSIS computer-aided colposcopy could be just what you need!


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