DYSIS Featured in US Women’s Magazine – DYSIS Medical

DYSIS Featured in US Women’s Magazine

DYSIS Featured in US Women’s Magazine

Tampa – 1 July 2014 − DYSIS Medical, Inc., announced today that its revolutionary technology for cervical cancer screening in women with abnormal Pap smears was featured in the July issue of Muses and Visionaries Magazine – a savvy lifestyle publication inspiring women to create a life well-lived.

“Helping women gain awareness of this exciting technology for early detection of precancerous areas of the cervix is so important, since most are not aware how subjective and variable the current procedure is,” US President, Kim Stebbings commented.

“DYSIS has the ability to objectively measure and quantify cervical changes after application of a solution that typically turns white when there are precancerous areas.   Today the procedure entails simply a visual assessment which can be very subjective and depends on the clinical experience of the provider.  With DYSIS, a color-coded map highlights areas of the most intense whitening effect so they can be accurately marked and biopsied.”


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Kim Stebbings

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 DYSIS Medical Ltd

DYSIS Medical Ltd has its global headquarters in Edinburgh. The company is committed to saving lives through the early detection and diagnosis of disease using biophotonic innovations. It aims to be the global leader in automated optical molecular imaging technologies for medical diagnostic and screening applications. For more information, please visit: www.dysismedical.com

The DYSIS product employs advanced photonics and computer assistance to quantify and map the cervix during the aceto-whitening process. The product is CE marked and commercially available in Europe. It is also cleared to market in the USA by the FDA under the 510(k) programme as a digital colposcope designed to image the cervix and lower genital tract under illumination and magnification. Colposcopy is indicated for women with an abnormal Pap smear in order to affirm normality or detect abnormal appearances consistent with neoplasia, often with directed biopsy.