DYSIS featured on US Radio Talk Show – DYSIS Medical

DYSIS featured on US Radio Talk Show

DYSIS featured on US Radio Talk Show

Dr Holt Harrison of Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Heritage OB/GYN is interviewed by Dr Lisa Jue about his experience of the DYSIS Colposcope on North Georgia’s Newstalk programme.

In the interview Dr Harrison states that the DYSIS Colposcope is the next generation colposcope that allows a more accurate assessment of the aceto-whitening effect which is the first sign cervical dysplasia. “The system allows to image the cervix and project a high definition image onto a screen that the patient can watch what we do – this takes a lot of the fear out the exam for the patient”.

“The DYSIS System helps us to target biopsy areas that we might not otherwise have been suspicious about. There’s also a real emphasis now on avoiding any unnecessary treatment – for a lot of dysplasia we have learned that we can safely follow those without necessarily having to treat, but to do that we have to be very certain that we can detect even subtle changes over time. Rather than trusting our memory of what an exam looked like six months earlier, the DYSIS system allows us to record and replay the exact colposcopy findings from six months earlier and therefore detect those subtle changes”.

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