DYSIS Medical and Unified Women’s Clinical Research Announce Research Partnership in Computer-Aided Colposcopy Trial – DYSIS Medical

DYSIS Medical and Unified Women’s Clinical Research Announce Research Partnership in Computer-Aided Colposcopy Trial

DYSIS Medical and Unified Women’s Clinical Research Announce Research Partnership in Computer-Aided Colposcopy Trial

Tampa, FL (PR Newswire) – 19 August 2015 – DYSIS Medical, Inc. and Unified Women’s Clinical Research (UWCR), a subsidiary of Unified Physician Management in Boca Raton, FL, announced today a significant, multi-center research partnership with the DYSIS Advanced Cervical Imaging System – a next-generation colposcope with computer-aided cervical imaging tools that is used to assess women after an abnormal Pap smear.

UWCR is a premier research organization that provides excellent proficiency in gynecologic trial execution through our unique alliance of OB/GYN women’s health practices across the southeast. UWCR has conducted clinical trials on investigational medications, devices, gene therapy, and vaccines and our investigators have accumulated over 19 years of experience conducting more than 200 phase I-IV trials.

UWCR will become a significant part of DYSIS Medical’s IMPROVE-COLPO Study, the objective of which is to measure outcome improvements with the DYSIS colposcope compared to standard colposcopy. The FDA-cleared imaging technology standardizes colposcopy and produces an intuitive color-coded map, similar to a weather map, to assist physicians in identifying, documenting and biopsying abnormal areas of the cervix.

“We are extremely excited to be a significant part of the IMPROVE Study and to offer this promising new technology to our patients and providers,” said Dr. Lamar Parker, President of UWCR. “We believe our investigators can offer DYSIS Medical significant value due to our extensive experience in medical device research and we look forward to mutually beneficial partnership.”

“We are thrilled to form a research partnership with a premier women’s health organization with this level of clinical research experience,” added DYSIS Medical’s U.S. President, Kim Stebbings. “Our agreement has allowed us to complete contracting for the trial’s 9000 subject objective in 40+ community and academic sites. We believe this will significantly accelerate our data collection toward our ultimate goal of demonstrating the value of this exciting technology – already named in UK Cervical Screening Guidelines.”


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