DYSIS Medical Signs Significant Deal – DYSIS Medical

DYSIS Medical Signs Significant Deal

DYSIS Medical Signs Significant Deal

DYSIS Medical Signs Significant Deal with ITEM Medical Technologies to Support National Screening Programme in Turkey


DYSIS Colposcope to be incorporated into national cervical screening programme


Edinburgh, UK – 1 March 2016− DYSIS Medical Ltd. (DYSIS) today announces that it has signed a significant contract with medical technology distributor, ITEM Medical Technologies as part of the national cervical screening programme in Turkey. No financial details have been disclosed.


As part of plans to advance the country’s cervical screening programme, the Turkish Ministry of Health selected DYSIS’s Colposcope over other technologies.  The aim is to install a DYSIS Colposcope in every City hospital in the country. ITEM Medical Technologies has purchased an initial instalment of 75 instruments from DYSIS in order to begin the roll-out during 2016.


Alastair Atkinson, CEO of DYSIS, said: “This order is another clear endorsement of our technology. ITEM Medical Technologies is working closely with the Turkish Ministry of Health to bring better standards of healthcare to women. Adopting the DYSIS Colposcope will enhance Turkey’s screening programme.”


Zafer Yazici, Managing Director of ITEM Medical Technologies, said: “Cervical cancer screening in Turkey is a vital component of women’s healthcare, delivered thorough approximately 1,000 screening centres.  The advantages offered by the DYSIS Colposcope were proven in the clinical evaluation that was performed and are strongly appreciated by gynaecologists.”


The DYSIS Colposcope differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring the cervical epithelium, producing a map of the cervix. The DYSISmap assists the clinician with the processes of evaluating the cervix, selecting biopsy sites or performing treatment if needed. The DYSISmap technology acts as an adjunct to conventional methods.


Alastair Atkinson added, “This contract builds on the strong adoption of our products in the UK, US and Middle Eastern markets where over 80,000 DYSIS examinations have now been undertaken. We continue to receive very positive feedback from consultants and we know our technology is saving women’s lives. DYSIS is proving itself as the new standard of care for cervical cancer prevention.”


Sales of the DYSIS Colposcope continue to grow.  The instrument is now installed within 70 centres within selected US states and is available in the UK, northern Europe and the United Arab Emirates.






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DYSIS Medical Ltd

DYSIS Medical, a medical devices company active within Women’s Health, has developed an advanced cervical scan which, in addition to performing traditional colposcopy examinations, uses dynamic spectral imaging to scan, quantify and map the cervix.



About the DYSIS colposcope


The DYSIS colposcope differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring the cervical epithelium automatically, producing a map of the cervix which assists the clinician with assessing the cervix, identifying biopsy locations and performing treatment if needed.


DYSIS delivers dynamic spectral imaging, in vivo quantified assessment of the cervix, high sensitivity quantified mapping of the aceto-whitening effect and HD digital imaging & video with intuitive touch screen interface. The DYSIS colposcope’s ergonomic design is compatible with all patient beds.


About cervical cancer

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer for women and the seventh most common cancer overall. While it is the only entirely preventable cancer, approximately half a million women are diagnosed with the disease every year.