EFC Collaboration Announced – DYSIS Medical

EFC Collaboration Announced

EFC Collaboration Announced

DYSIS Medical announces a collaboration with the European Federation of Colposcopy (EFC) on colposcopy training utilizing the colposcopyskills.com platform

ALPHARETTA, Georgia — June 30, 2020 — DYSIS Medical announces a partnership with the European Federation of Colposcopy (www.efcolposcopy.eu) that makes our interactive Colposcopy Skills training platform (colposcopyskills.com) directly available to all members.


Mr Simon Leeson, Consultant Gynaecologist and Oncologist and Trustee for the European Federation of Colposcopy, commented “‘Colposcopy Skills’ provides a series of cases with different clinical stories reflecting what happens in real life in our colposcopy clinics. Each case has a montage of images taken every 7 seconds showing the progression of acetowhite change adding to the diagnostic evaluation which cannot be seen from still images. There are management options to consider with a detailed discussion of each case. Overall, this platform provides a format for the colposcopy trainee to study in isolation or with a trainer. I recommend ‘Colposcopy Skills’ to all trainees.”


Colposcopy Skills is an online skills development and assessment application that is based on cervical imaging technology developed by DYSIS Medical. It complements colposcopy training courses and has been created for clinicians of all levels who want to develop or practice their skills in performing colposcopy. Built around an interactive image player and an extensive library of colposcopy cases that cover a wide range of clinical scenarios, the platform helps users understand the steps of a colposcopic examination, interpret colposcopic images and improve biopsy and management decisions.


Watch an overview of Colposcopy Skills at https://youtu.be/RpheKEGSRGo.